The India Gate Restaurant About

The India Gate Restaurant started as a passion for food and cuisine that elevated several years ago. The founder, Nikhil Bheriyani loves the food and multiple dishes from other cuisines. The humble beginning was all about the traditional food and its cooking style with a pinch of modern art.

Nikhil traveled to many parts of the country including historic India Gate, New Delhi, which inspired him to use the name India Gate as it presents our fallen soldiers.

India is a hub and known for a variety of spices around the world. We love Indian traditional cuisine, and it is part of our menu. We, Indians have all the right to taste other cuisines, and Nikhil always loved Chinese and Senegal cuisine.

You will find Indian, Chinese, and Senegal food on our menu because you have every right to taste delicious food from around the world.
India Gate started on 13 December 2018, and it is located in Dakar, Senegal. Our restaurant’s main motto is to leave the diners with satisfaction, and it is not just another business.

We believe in hygiene, traditional cooking style and ensure that you taste the authentic Indian food and other cuisines.

We don’t mind criticism, and we welcome it. Do not hesitate to leave an honest opinion, so we can make you happy, on your second visit.

The India Gate Restaurant Team.